Chuck Przybyl works shooting video and is happy to say that he loves his work. He has worked with a range of commercial, documentary, and corporate production companies and clients.

Chuck Przybyl is a Chicago-based director of photography and camera operator with a distinctly authentic and contemporary sensibility. Taking the everyday, as well as the extraordinary, and creating dreamlike images for directors, clients and editors to produce truly unique projects.
Building on an extensive prior background in stills and editing Chuck’s style is characterized by his meticulous framing, attention to texture, and focus on detail. Subjects are transformed – animate or inanimate into mysterious entities. Imagery that goes beyond casual interest. Footage that espouses intrigue and fascination.

Princeton University, Chicago Architecture Foundation, Chicago History Museum, The MacArthur Foundation, Gatorade, EA Sports, Colorado Technical University, City Colleges of Chicago, Bleacher Report, COMBOS, TWIX, Scientific American, Career Education Corporation, Firefox, and on and on it goes…

Video Production:
Chuck Przybyl is the primary creative behind Most Visual. Chuck’s work in production, directing and collaborative ventures can be found at http://mostvis.com